Exercise and fitness

All packages available are specifically tailored around your current fitness levels, exercise preferences, training experience and agreed goals ensuring consistent progression is made throughout the process and desired results achieved

Fat loss and body composition

Whether your goals are based on reducing body fat or to improve your overall body composition I will provide you the tools, support and structure required to ensure a successful and fulfilling experience

Strength and muscle growth

Through implementing a structured periodized workout programme using proven training methods you will learn how to maximise each and every one of your workouts, you will understand what contributes to successful muscle growth as a result of time spent both in and out of the gym


By creating a better relationship with food and understanding of your nutritional requirements based on the desired goals is fundamental to achieving results, using the online platform and mobile app provided alongside an agreed nutrition plan and supplementation recommendations you will learn how to adjust and tailor current dietary habits to compliment your time spend exercising


Much of what is achieved throughout the process is done through creating “Better habits” outside of time spent in the gym working out, these changes are designed to be sustainable for the long term and you will recognise how many small marginal gains will all add up to yield huge results

Health & Wellbeing

Learn the importance of complete emotional and physical wellbeing. Understand the how your body works, the hormonal responses to both exercise and diet and the role these responses play in determining the overall experience and results seen throughout the process


“You’ve given me the confidence to walk into a gym again, and to use equipment properly knowing what I should be “feeling” Mind muscle connections and feeling your body respond in a different way to working out. What workouts that are more beneficial for more than one area of the body in one workout,a massive lesson in terms of what you should be doing and feeling at the gym, and especially getting the form correct.”


“It was an absolute pleasure tutoring Nicholas through his level 2 gym instructor and level 3 personal trainer qualifications. He displayed a high level of knowledge for both training methods and nutrition from the start. His passion for the fitness industry combined with his integrity and genuine desire to want to help others reach their full potential leaves no doubt in my mind he will excel in this role and change a lot of people’s lives.”

Daniel Reilly

“I always looked forward to training with Nick. He has helped me to fully understand the importance of correct training methods, nutritional requirements and lifestyle changes necessary to ensure lasting long term results. Although very professional I was always made to feel very comfortable and confident throughout the process.”

Dan Rember

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